4 Simple Morning Habits

How did you begin your morning today?

Did you reach for your phone? Hit the snooze button one too many times? Got anxious about all you have to get done and you're ready to crawl back into bed? Rushed out the door forgetting where you left your car keys?


Did you wake up with your alarm clock? Enjoyed a couple minutes in your bed, thinking about what you're grateful for? Perhaps sharing that with your loved one? Did you know what 3 most important things you'll get done today and know they will get done the first part of the day.

We all make choices every day, every moment. Life is a series of choices.

If you want to change ANYTHING in your life, you have to change your routines or how you do things.

I'm a true believer it all starts with how we begin our day. Throughout my wellness journey (almost 10 years ago now), I have studied and developed certain habits that I want to share with you. Some of them you have probably heard of, but I want you to tune in with a beginner mindset:

"How can I learn from this" and "How can I make this work for me"

So let's dive in!!



When you train your mind to focus on what you already have and are grateful for it, it spills over into your day. You cannot be mad or anxious and be grateful at the same time. It is such a simple practice but SO effective, I dare you to try it. Start now, close your eyes and think of 5 things you are so grateful for.

What is going right in your life? Who are you thankful for and why?

We live in such amazing times, that all the "basic" things we have can easily be taken for granted. Such as having a comfortable bed + sheets to sleep in, or having a car that takes you where you want to go, or the ability to make money and have the freedom that we are so blessed with. Acknowledge these things daily and you'll begin to appreciate life and all it has to offer.

A little practice I started with my daughter when she was born is when we wake up I tell her what I'm grateful for, always including her. Now that she's 2 1/2 she listens, smiles and my wish is to pass this morning practice on to her.


When we wake up, our body is dehydrated. Drinking water in the morning will flush the digestive system and hydrate your body. Other wonderful benefits are better skin, weight management, immune system boost from vitamin C. You want to drink your water before having your coffee.

I love to add 2 drops of dōTERRA's citrus oil in my Swell water bottle as well- lemon, grapefruit, lime, or green mandarin are some of my favs. These have many detoxing properties as well and always uplift my mood. To learn more about essential oils go HERE.

Always make sure you're drinking from a glass or stainless steel glass or bottle. NO PLASTIC!!! Just google how drinking from plastic water bottles messes with your hormones.

TIP: You can add a pinch of Himalayan sea salt to your water for added health benefits.


When we are overwhelmed and our to-do list is a mile long, we procrastinate. Things just don't get done. You go to bed with your mind spinning and feeling defeated.

One way to eliminate that is to have a list for the week for 3 MIT's (most important tasks) for each day. I love to set time aside on Sundays where I brain-dump all that needs to get done, see what I can delegate and from there I write a list that needs my immediate attention. I break those up into actionable tasks and assign 3 for each day. 3 X 5 = 15 important tasks that are getting done in five days. You can get so much done this way.

I love to help my clients break down big goals into actionable steps and move the needle in their life. If you're feeling stuck in any area of your life, I'm offering free initial consultations and we go over steps you need to take to get you living your best life.


I'm not talking about doing a full 1 hour workout, although if you do that one of the first things in the morning then you're a step ahead.

Doing just 5 minutes of light cardio (jumping jacks or mountain climbers), or yoga stretches will do the trick. This is in addition to your exercise routine. This is just to get your blood flowing and get you the energy you need to get you through the day. It will also release endorphins which will improve your mood.

I have a yoga mat next to my bed, and will hop on there for a few minutes just to stretch and connect to my breath. Makes such a difference in how my day flows.


Which practices are you excited to try? Do you need help with your morning routine? Reach out, I'd love to be your guide.