Go Inward + Activate Your Best Version of Yourself

One of my fav ways to spend quality time with myself is to visit new coffee shops regularly to work on new content or do personal development.

We upgrade our phone's software on the regular, so why not upgrade ourselves? Not just getting a new wardrobe or new lipstick, I mean a true upgrade from the inside out.

I have always loved to take a break from life, like once I begin to get bored or overwhelmed it's just natural for me to take a step back and change things up.

I have been thinking a lot about this, because for the past few months I have distanced myself from many things and people, including social media. I sometimes feel guilty because I "should" be posting, or I "should" be going out more, or I "should" be doing something...


I have concluded that I am fully owning and quite honestly enjoying this "vacation" from certain things. When I allow myself to fully enjoy it, I am actually excited for a comeback because I know I will have more clarity when I return. I am a cancer, and part of my nature is to sometimes go inward. I have finally excepted this - and so do my loved ones.

So what does "silencing" yourself to your world for a day, week or even months do?

For me, I use that time to go inward.

To ask questions like:

  • What makes me happy?

  • What do I want more in my days? My life?

  • What do I need to let go of?

  • What do I need to incorporate?

  • What needs to change in my Mind, Body, Spirit, Relationships, Career so that I can be the BEST version of myself?

  • What content do I want to put out there in the world?

  • How do I want to serve others?

  • What kind of mother do I want to be? Friend? Daughter? Partner?

  • How do I want my living space to look like?

  • Who do I want to be around?

  • What are my priorities RIGHT NOW?

I ask these questions in my meditations, or in my journal, or even driving in a car.

Sometimes my answer comes in a form of a podcast, book or youtube video I watch.

Sometimes my answer comes in my writing.

Sometimes it doesn't come right away, but comes as a nudge or a knowing that week.

It's always a complex, yet simple process.

So how can you go on a "retreat" from life without actually having to go on a retreat?

Some of my personal tips:

  • Limit screen time. Only go on at a certain time, perhaps 10am and 3pm for 10 minutes. Be diligent

  • Listen to motivational content. My current fav is listening to Guru Jagat on youtube. OMG I can listen to her for hours. I also am slightly obsessed with listening to Abraham Hicks on youtube. I am also subscribed to Audible so I pick one audible book to listen to a month. Get inspiration content in your ear, daily- even a few times a day.

  • Get curious. Sign up for a new course. Learn something new. DON'T STOP LEARNING !!!

  • Move your body. For me it looks different all the time but my fav ways of moving energy are yoga, walking, cardio classes, dancing.

  • Journal. Write what you're grateful for, what's going well, what you want more of. ALWAYS focus on what you want, not the lack of it. Watch miracles happen.

  • Create boundaries. Sometimes limiting communication with even your loved ones to preserve the energy you want to embody.

  • Take yourself out on dates. Coffee shops (as I pictured above), movies, park, spa. Become your own bestie.


I am creating a course that's coming out in September 2019, and a lot this work will be in there. We will go inward to learn to listen to that voice and also learn practical ways to put it into action. This course will be offered for women who want to embody their inner goddess + thrive in the real world. Women who want to balance and strengthen their body, mind and soul and find ways to serve others because they have served themselves and are overflowing with goodness.

So if you are interested in soul-full work that will transform all areas of your life email me at hello@michaelahorvathova.com and tell me what you want more of in your life, I'd love to hear from you. You can use the contact form HERE.

I also offer free 30 minute consultations which you can book by clicking HERE.